Web development tutorials - Websites

The tutorials in this section go through the website development concepts, patterns and best practices to teach how to build optimized and scalable web sites using Webpagebytes CMS framework.

Web development tutorials - PDF files generation

The tutorials in this section will cover the concepts to generate dynamic PDF files that can be used in a wide range of domains, eCommerce, education, science, travel and so on. There can be a great similarity between how dynamic web pages content is generated and how PDF files are generated, Webpagebytes CMS mades this possible with minimal effort.

Web development tutorials - Email templates

The tutorials in this section will cover the concepts of email templates. Email templates are created as simple as a web page but Webpagebytes CMS goes much further than this, it allows to attach other dynamic content generated by the CMS like dynamic PDF files, chart images or other generated documents.

Web development tutorials - Dynamic charts

Dynamic charts are present across multiple channels, web pages, mobile applications, emails, PDF documents, images and so on. Webpagebytes CMS provides a way to integrate easy the generated charts by keeping the same simplicity to publish, localize and manage the content.

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