Quick overview

Webpagebytes CMS can be integrated with the cloud to generate complex content (see the provided examples).
On simple deployments the public content server and admin content server can be represented by a single server and web application.

quick overview
Examples of public content
Examples of admin interface

Demo application

Webpagebytes CMS provides a demo application that demonstrates the CMS functionalities. This demo runs on any computer with Java SE Runtime 7 or higher.

To download the demo please visit the download page.

Demo application features include

To to run the demo, the following steps needs to be done

Local environment

Webpagebytes CMS is built based on different plugins, these makes the link between the content engine and the various applications and processes that are involved in the content delivery (databases, caches, files storages).

Local environment is a setup where the plugins will use only local computer resources. This setup is useful to create, develop and test content which later will be deployed in a production environment (which most likely will be a distributed one).

Move the content in the cloud

Webpagebytes CMS comes with plugins for Amazon AWS resources in order to scale the solution. The Import & Export functionality is a great feature to move the content from a local environment to a cloud one.

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