Locale settings

If the site project needs to support multiple languages then Locale settings section can be used to add support for more than 140 languages.

Webpagebytes CMS locale section allows to enable languages to support localization

By default a project default language is English (en). A project must have a default language, if the project supports a single language then that language is the default one.
Each project supported language adds a section under the Messages section, allowing to define language specific strings.

Global parameters

Global parameters are parameters that are similar with site urls parameters or site page parameters but are globals, meaning that can be accessed from any template script or controllers.
Values that are used in multiple places are good candidates to be stored in Global parameters. For example a web site will have the login, logout url links displayed on multiple pages, storing these url values in global parameters allows to change them in a single place.
Webpagebytes CMS Global Settings section manage key value parameters that apply globally to the entire project

See WPBModel.GLOBALS_KEY on how server side controllers can access a global parameter.
See wpbGlobals model key on how a script code (site page or page module) can access a global parameter.