An article record in Webpagebytes CMS represent a HTML fragment that contains static text, which can be viewed and edited in a WYSIWYG html editor ('What You See Is What You Get' html editor).

The Articles section from the Webpagebytes CMS administration interface allows to create, view, edit and delete the site articles.

A site article has the following attributes

Attribute name Attribute description
Article title A string used only in the admin interface for display purpose.
External Key The External Key identifier for the current article record.
Html Source The static html fragment that represents the article record.

Using articles

Articles can contain only static text, it means articles can not contain Freemarker scripts.
An article can be included in site pages or page modules only if their source interpretation is Freemarker text script.

To include an article in a site page or page module use the following freemarker directive <@wpbArticle externalKey="..." />

    <h2> Chapter 1 </h2>
    <@wpbArticle externalKey="article1_guid_here" name="chapter1" />
    <h2> Chapter 2 </h2>
    <@wpbArticle externalKey="article2_guid_here" name="chapter2" />