Page modules

Page modules represent text based fragments that can be reused in site pages or in other page modules by using the Freemarker script.

The admin web interface allows to create, edit and delete the page modules.
Some examples were page modules can be used are: the page header, the footer, the main site menu, or any fragment of content that is reused across multiple documents.

A page module has the following attributes

Attribute name Attribute description
Module name A name used only in the admin interface for display purpose.
External Key The External Key identifier for the current page module.
Source interpretation Specifies how the page module content will be processed. It can have two values:
  • Plain text source. The page module content will be processed as it is.
  • Template text source. The page module content will be processed as a Freemarker template script.
Page module content The page module content in text based format.

Using page modules

The page module source can contain Freemarker template script. A page module can include other page module(s) however attention needs to be paid to not generate infinite loops.
To include a page module in a site page module or in another page module, use the Fremarker directive <@wpbModule externalKey="..." />

<div class="header">
	<ul class="menu">
		<li><a href="./menu1"> Menu item 1 </a></li>
		<li><a href="./menu2"> Menu item 2 </a></li>
	<@wpbModule externalKey="some_guid_2" name="search bar" />